2013 SAP Salary Survey

Panaya have published their third SAP salary survey. Among the key findings are:

  • Education matters! On average, respondents with a doctoral degree earn 21% more than their colleagues with a master’s degree who, in turn, earn around 34% more than those with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Just over half of the respondents received a bonus in 2012, and the average bonus was 14% of total compensation
  • 64% of SAP professionals reported an increase in earnings in 2013
  • 70% of SAP professionals based in North America received a salary increase this year – compared to just 59% of their European peers.
  • 42% of respondents are somewhat concerned about their job stability – and 11% are very concerned.
  • 50% of respondents had to do more tasks with fewer resources in 2013.

You can look at the report here.
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